Ju - Jurrarri Tha Kid 3 (Yellow Diamonds)

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12:06 PM March 12, 2013 kws1 said:

If I could here what he was saying
11:22 AM May 28, 2012 treday83al said:

How da fucc diz nigga getta deal???...million dolla question fa dis 5 dolla niggah
4:46 PM June 22, 2011 DeeBoy2009 said:

I came here becuz of lex luger
12:51 PM April 28, 2011 master_kush said:

Ju records in dis biitch rrarri go dumb hard y'all sum secret lovers and r u serious this niga ain't strugglin u dumb as fukk @auburn420 #pissinonyou
7:35 AM February 27, 2011 iownab said:

yall just mad hes strugglin to get somewhere n he got his name out.... you dam secret lovers
5:04 AM December 25, 2010 auburn420 said:

ju is a broke *** nigga going nowhere, ****ing garbage *** nigga.**** U BROKE *** NIGGA
4:33 PM September 17, 2010 djhustla said:

He Aint Neva Did That ****, How He Making Stackz At Wal-Mart WhereThey Do That At? Ha Ha He Aint No Gangsta He Rap About Niggaz Around Him, He Phoney As Hell Man Dont Let This Nigga Fool You

4:29 PM September 17, 2010 djhustla said:

Man This Nigga Neva Sold Dope,Buss His Gunz, And He Work At Wal-Mart For $7.25 An Hour He Aint Neva Moved Packs On The Street. Dont Let This Nigga Fool You. Str8 Pussssssssss