Forecast 37

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4:12 PM November 24, 2010 vinchinso said:

damn rite ****inh on young chessy
6:59 PM June 16, 2010 thebossofthecartel440 said:

this nigga below me is a ****. straight turkey? u niggaz is dumb. and **** jody breeze, its CTE all day
4:52 AM December 3, 2009 georgiaboy17 said:

wtf jody breeze callin jeezy out....i aint gone lie he went str8 turkey on dat niggah...wonder wat jeezy gon come bacc wit....u heard dat stay strapped!!...
7:22 PM November 30, 2009 yungmerc15 said:

MacTown N Dis *****!!! BleuGorilla
3:23 PM November 30, 2009 Nell314 said:

Whutz gud STL i put on 4 mi mutha****in city *****
6:23 PM November 28, 2009 kbegay said:

jody breezy weak *** nigga get sum money nigga then *** n **** with my nigga jeezy
its ok u sux ****
7:41 PM November 27, 2009 cwiley said:

ya'll crazy on dis ****,4 real!!!!!!!!!!
7:09 PM November 26, 2009 kingofcrunk_10 said:

thats wat tha **** i like to c my nigga smurf216 jody breeze a false *** nigga all of a sudden outta no where he red flaggn...he dissin jeezy cuz he doin his thang n he wanna b like em