D'Meitz - To Those With Wings

A combination of Hip Hop soul, Jazz freedom, and Folk sensibilities, D'Meitz is putting out new and original music. Rapping and writing poetry since first grade, US Marine, D'Meitz, started taking music seriously after getting into the spoken word scene during high school in Cleveland, Ohio. Since then, he has participated in freestyle rap battles, winning competitions in the Cleveland, Detroit, and New York City areas. He is currently enlisted active duty in the United States Marine Corps and served in Iraq in 2008. While continuing his travels with the Marines he was able to release his debut album in Japan, "Chivalry, Solemnity, and other bad ideas" (now available on iTunes, Amazon, and other online retailers). The release of his first mixtape, "To Those with Wings" marks D'Meitz's first collaboration with world famous DJ Mick Boogie. "To Those with Wings" includes live versions and blends of songs off D'Meitz's debut, "Chivalry, Solemnity, and other bad ideas" and brand new music recorded in Okinawa, Japan, with Furious Labs.


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