Esco - Escomania 2

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3:15 PM April 30, 2011 killskie said:

This nigga was on a gucci and boosie mixtape as featured bonus tracks. He been goin hard
1:29 PM February 11, 2011 050thugz said:

This Gude Is Pretty Good Tape Go Off Word!
11:59 PM November 21, 2010 kustom said:

Laughin out loud strait at these lame niggazz!!
1:26 PM August 24, 2010 ta77fred said:

My nigga you maturin',keep goin' hard....Digi-Scale Mafia
1:43 PM March 8, 2010 mitchiep92 said:

see if you listen to a whole bunch of busll**** sometimes potential; sounds alot better than it really is.
8:55 AM January 27, 2010 AceDaMound29 said:

this nigga go hard at times. The 30 inches track is off the chain. Esco killed that ****.
11:32 PM November 30, 2009 whysowilling said:

Ok some of his **** goes off, i listend to that 30 inches and its hot. Stop rating him down before you give this nigga a chance.