Jadakiss - How Hard Do You Hustle? 9 (Live In Minneapolis)

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3:51 PM May 15, 2010 DGD said:

Minnesota stand up! Go Mr. Peter Parker, its a shame that B96 aint nothing but a stupid pop station now.
8:02 AM March 11, 2010 dealer1 said:

**** u niggas dats dissin gucci.i ****s wit em both but damn give da nigga a break he knows himself he aint betta than jada.but im from da bottom so gucci all day **** jada
9:50 AM January 14, 2010 stevenash1393 said:

gucci........jada there is no komparison
10:30 PM December 15, 2009 jeffersonpearl said:

jadakiss all damn day no 4life lmao who ****in wit him just listen really tune ur ears in
6:41 PM December 14, 2009 ballz12 said:

when i heaar gucci i laff wtf people smoki these dayz jada all the way
4:30 PM December 14, 2009 jae27604 said:

any nigga that think gucci is hotter than jada need to rethink his life. what went wrong
10:10 PM December 12, 2009 theshepard22 said:

crazy as hell if u think gucci is betta than jada, niggaz please never in no life time
1:54 PM December 11, 2009 alanjordan said:

Son said Im having a bullet party i wanna invite your dome