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9:10 AM March 20, 2011 msquared09 said:

Wowww these wack *** comments lmaooo CT STAND THE **** UP!! These are my niggas MOOK N FAIR reppin for CT all dayy
11:03 AM November 19, 2010 050thugz said:

Is This Lil Mook Or What?
1:46 AM April 2, 2010 wweervd10 said:

snoop dogg snoop dogg i wanna rock right know
8:48 PM February 9, 2010 skarrspitz said:

CT HERE!!!!!!!!!!
7:21 PM January 13, 2010 platinum9898 said:

deez niggas from ct do yo homework nigga
5:22 PM January 3, 2010 deetrix42 said:

this isn't bad...i hit the (-) on accident. Mook gets a (+)
1:17 AM December 30, 2009 khalif_alexander said:

this is not the same lil mook from Alabama.
8:50 PM December 5, 2009 peenutbuta said:

actually he is from bama u dumb ****s he from oppilika, near auburn so yea you ny niggaz sharpen sum pencils an fall on them