Proph The Problem - Midwest Fressshhh

DJs: DJ G Spot
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11:41 PM January 24, 2010 AllHonesty said:

love to see your grinding boss!
11:40 PM January 24, 2010 AllHonesty said:

keep workin!
10:09 PM December 27, 2009 jordan0729 said:

This sht is sick So proud to be from CLE Hes better than a lot of dudes to even try to come out of here that have national recognition Dude has dumb flow I mean flo up there with the greats in rap
7:48 PM December 17, 2009 dhe320 said:

do yo thing my nigga **** niggaz not even hip to my nigga ham and burger
7:42 PM December 4, 2009 1dieselboy said:

go hard, proph u might just make it if you keep up that flow & get the right production
4:33 PM December 3, 2009 btl04 said:

bro hit me