Chop Chop - Money In Da City

Chop Chop Oklahoma's biggest artist from presidential trap house real street music
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2:26 AM January 6, 2010 bame said:

405 werr its live o-city or no-city
9:11 AM December 4, 2009 levels said:

Aye this **** Bangin off in Ohio... Ayeee Chop Chop...!!! Yeah Mr.Get that Doe Boi!!!!
1:53 PM December 3, 2009 nappy_d said:

damn i didnt know they was niggas in oklahoma
7:15 PM December 1, 2009 GuttaGorilla said:

so did messy marv and Mac dre the West coast bay niggas
7:14 PM December 1, 2009 GuttaGorilla said:

Oklahoma city don't have no regional sound that make you say a thats a Oklahoma artist.. Like when Zaytoven gave gucci mane his sound or when nelly came on the scene he had his own STL style.
7:13 PM December 1, 2009 GuttaGorilla said:

Oklahoma needs it Own style and sound instead of following the trend of Young jeezy and shawty redd... trapper type of tracks that can be found on almost every mixtape on here ...
4:30 PM December 1, 2009 DieselLife said:

dont like the mixtape. the tracks arent good. he needs better production
3:20 PM December 1, 2009 ayeayeokay said:

i dont think theyre from the 405, i think theyre from lawton but thats my dawg