100 Proof - Patiently Waiting

DJs: E-V
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11:48 AM January 31, 2011 KingPospisexi11 said:

That watchin all the girls beat is straight FIYYYYAAAAAHHHHHH
that song got me doin corna posted spittin at *****es, lemme get that instrumental, REMIX! haha
11:49 PM August 12, 2010 laman213 said:

this **** is D O P E!!! craaaaazy
8:53 AM May 1, 2010 216mxchris said:

5:28 PM March 27, 2010 camsta19 said:

yeah burn2 knows whats up
hes ok but not good enough;( no place on my ipod maynnee
3:15 PM December 11, 2009 KocaNostra said:

AND FUCC WIT THIS NIGGA, HIS ****S HOTT, I STRAIGHT FORGOT I WAS LISTENIN TO HIM.... its ridin... if i can listen to this ****..... come on now....
3:07 PM December 11, 2009 KocaNostra said:

thats just this niggas flow, and hes cool
12:58 AM December 8, 2009 88kid said:

2:34 AM December 7, 2009 YOUNG_MONEY_MOVEMENT said:

DJ EV always bringin in good beats.. dats ma nigga chips fav dj