French Montana - Black Friday

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5:11 PM October 1, 2014 GDRAGE said:

12:59 AM March 27, 2013 killah993 said:

Frenchie Bodied this Sht hands down Niggaas need to stop hating on French if you dont live dat life you wont understand what he talking about
4:37 PM February 26, 2013 joshcoolbreeze said:

To me......this is one of his best mixtapes. I still bang this
5:04 PM October 11, 2011 ducez said:

son wat tha F***k is up with ur typin like u gotta habbit of hittn the caps button
8:05 PM April 11, 2011 YuNgLaZ217 said:

DeM NiGgA tAKiN cRazY Im sHaKiN iN mA bOoTs
8:03 PM April 11, 2011 YuNgLaZ217 said:

mA nIgGa FrenCh StOoD Be oN Da mOsT ArtIsT SeAChEd
6:18 PM March 14, 2011 hazzzien said:

im so wavy nigga
12:29 PM March 2, 2011 bigzzaddiwarteacha said:

niggas wanna talk