Rock City - The Lost Files

DJs: E-V
back cover
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12:36 PM October 18, 2010 Kareem101 said:

These niggas r the ****. VI in ayo muthaskunt
1:17 PM August 12, 2010 ojdidit said:

been listening to these guys for a year now. never dissapoint with any of their song.
5:38 PM June 10, 2010 lvgcruzan said:

vi massive in ayo rasss
10:23 PM March 2, 2010 alinay said:

PTFAO put this ****in album out lol
Rep the V.I
Coming all the way from Virgin Gorda
5:26 PM February 1, 2010 djgregstreet said:

we ridin with rock city tim & theron, virgin islands to atl. what up dj raw
1:49 PM January 14, 2010 Astrodorx said:

MANNN dese niggaz better make it big!!! and er1 sayn dey wack jus h8n....i rap and love good music, and dey got it....bye
12:00 PM January 8, 2010 kiki249 said:

yo ROCK CITY is doin the damn thing. They need more recognition and respect..nigggas is sleepin on them when they puttin out some of the most versatile shyt rite now!!
1:50 AM January 2, 2010 kiron1982 said:

340 in ayo mudas****....VI STAND UP!!!!