Mac Miller - The High Life
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6:50 PM September 16, 2018 young_luther23 said:

Long Live Mac
8:29 PM September 10, 2018 thisistpayne said:

i remember when this and kids first dropped when i was a senior in high school and i been listening to him ever since RIP Mac Miller too young to be gone
1:27 PM September 9, 2018 ChuckDisMe said:

I'll miss you mac....You were and always will be a legend of your own unique type...
2:50 AM December 28, 2013 t_r_j said:

His music has gotten nothing but better over time.
4:52 PM February 25, 2013 brianb705 said:

9:52 PM February 23, 2013 EATACOCK said:

mac your tight brah cause i am too but the az doc got me in and out parole
4:04 PM January 14, 2013 TuWealthY said:

Chill *** tape, has some nice tracks
5:55 PM January 9, 2013 Primetime9 said:

i remember this was one of the first tapes released on the indy section of livemixtapes, i had no idea who he was n neither did anyone else, know hes blown up