Dee Goodz - College Kids & Dropouts

DJs: DJ Crisis
Dee Goodz hooks up with Dj Crisis and to bring an all new sound of hip-hop straight outta Ca$hville, TN. Collegekids and Dropouts depicts the life and smooth style on classroom slacker Dee Goodz and his team CKDO.

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12:45 PM July 27, 2010 albeze said:

saw him at the spitta concert in memphis..dude legit.. he aint jackin he just relating folks...follow him @dgoodz..CKDO!
7:43 PM June 15, 2010 madmax904 said:

jackin wiz and curren$y
3:22 AM June 12, 2010 pyoung23 said:

congrats DRAKE! you have officially made a new standard for these people to follow-say a few words and take the pitch up on the last word of each sentence with an occasional pause for effect
6:38 PM April 26, 2010 john2doe11 said:

this **** is garbage throw this nigga in a bag (fab voice)
6:37 PM April 26, 2010 john2doe11 said:

he sucks
10:14 PM January 31, 2010 oshthadon said:

he sound alot like wis khlifa but besides that hes cool
10:11 PM January 31, 2010 oshthadon said:

diss **** is nassttttyyy he to cold
3:44 AM January 12, 2010 jdwash11 said:

+1, this **** is koo...showin love from AZ