Chinx Drugz - From The Cage To The Stage (Hurry Up & Die 2)

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7:04 PM April 12, 2016 JJDynamyte via iOS App:

Best to ever do it .. No arguments here
11:29 PM September 1, 2015 shawnkraz via Mobile:

1:19 AM April 7, 2013 NatNathanson said:

this **** fire !!! But I Like The Old Chinx Better.
4:56 PM January 30, 2012 cqctkz18 via Mobile:

I work hard I that ****
2:11 AM January 20, 2012 ojayhustleo said:

My nigga Chinx didn't go hard on dis Mixxtape like flight 2011 or hurry up and die 3 but nonetheless **** still hot
1:00 PM November 20, 2010 Goomzy said:

this is wave music fellas... I need the wave to keep producing streetsl only mix tapes and thats it... Free Max-B!!!!! Frenchie keepem coming, and have Max-B drop something from inside.... Free Max-B
6:04 PM October 31, 2010 frenchyxo22 said:

#17 go hardd i like chinx, but on sum rea he does betta wen he wit french, he ain da same wen he by himself
4:29 PM April 14, 2010 Chevysitnhigh said:

****s aiight...ive heard em on alot of Max n French **** 6ut never on his own so i searched em...lotta niggas hatin or dnt undastand real rap ys this one in the neg