Starlito - The Tenn-A-Keyan 3.5 (I'll Shoot Through Ya)

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10:37 AM February 21, 2016 srs38053 said:

Lito.. I know u gonna read this. I need a way to buy your whole catolog Bruh I need everything. So I can just have my collection complete bro. This **** is timeless. Cause whenever u retire IMA be hot if I don't have everything...I buy yo ****
6:09 AM February 7, 2014 daville1 said:

Man this what star need to get back on. Do yall hear them lyrics. 1 of the most slept on tapes on this site
2:15 AM October 7, 2013 deandres2315 said:

10:09 PM June 21, 2013 codemiesterbeats said:

9:02 PM February 1, 2013 Tashawn66 said:

lito my nigga bruh keep doin yo thang my nigga **** the industry you got REAL fans bruh
5:10 AM January 10, 2013 L1dix said:

My Best Rapper of 2012
4:39 PM November 9, 2012 lileddrick31 via Mobile:

My numberfav rapper and real nigga lyric rapper
9:19 PM May 2, 2012 ruga41 said:

dis tape in my top 5