Cy Harp - A Closer Look

DJs: DJ G Spot
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12:15 AM July 28, 2011 light1 said:

3:25 PM July 20, 2011 movingkeys said:

12:00 PM July 6, 2011 hard2copy said:

i can see the growth on the dead serious project, this is dope too though
4:02 PM July 5, 2011 KobeBryantLA said:

3:42 PM June 23, 2011 bradlew216 said:

He Gets my respect for coming on some Different S***
8:01 PM June 21, 2011 ngardiner09 said:

like u said n #5 have u ever felt ne move u make n any way always got sombody with sumthin bad to say i grab my nutts to c if thy hang
8:01 PM June 21, 2011 ngardiner09 said:

ic all tha hate wasnt on tha mixtape n last i known aint none of yall perfect keep grindin cy
12:54 PM April 10, 2011 palmalp said:

MGK was the hardest on the song LACE THE **** UP