TBC - The Alphabet Gang (U Made Us Do It 2 U)

It has Been a long wait but It's Finally Here! TBC (Texas Boy Coalition) Links up with DJ RPM to Form The Alphabet Gang. TBC & RPM Bring You In To Their World to Witness the Craziest Lyrics ever Spit on this Side of The Planet! To those who Think That DFW is Only About Dance Muzik, TBC is Here to Prove you wrong! As TBC Hits the Flo and Work they also Work up Lyrics that will leave you Mesmorized. TBC & DJ RPM Proudly Present The Alphabet Gang, U Made US Do It 2 U Vol. 1 !!!!!!!!!!!
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1:38 PM May 13, 2011 callisensicollie said:

9:41 AM February 25, 2010 a318nigga said:

idk bout diz nigga
5:18 PM February 1, 2010 dmankp said:

nigga only
3:33 PM January 31, 2010 nsp said: