FKi - Bluesteel 2.0

Who is FKi?!
Meet Raye Rich and First, natives of Atlanta on a mission to bridge the gap between the mainstream/streets and sub-culture,Internet savvy music scene out of ATL. With their eyes on the prize,FKi is set out to prove + tell that ATL has more to offer than what everyone is hearing on the radio and seeing on TV. Bringing the FUN back to Hip-Hop,combined with original production and a witty delivery, FKi stands to make their own mark known in 2010 and beyond

FKi will be releasing "BLUE STEEL 2.0" February 8th: giving you a sneak peek into "Magnum" their Mixtape coming out Late Spring Follow the guys and stay in the know on shows and updates!

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9:19 AM March 7, 2012 Loveion2014 said:

Fki = ****in Kickin It
8:45 PM December 17, 2011 Eclipse1212 via Mobile:

****in killing Indians
9:12 PM June 24, 2011 TravDaddy said:

what fki stand 4?
6:30 PM April 23, 2011 lrgdavis23 said:

hell yeah cant wait for some new **** i got all your tapes
10:55 PM April 2, 2011 203weathaman said:

this is ****in awesome!!!!!
12:31 PM February 21, 2011 050thugz said:

Luv It! My Nigga Thugga On Dis Too !!!!! N Juicy J!!!!!
6:25 PM May 22, 2010 mrsosa2135 said:

one of my favorite indy tapes
4:28 PM March 11, 2010 bdaniels2 said:

beautiful music!