Bobby Creekwater - Back 2 Briefcase 2

DJs: DJ A-Plus
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11:02 PM August 13, 2011 pgrimy said:

bobby creek. thats that nigga.
7:42 PM July 6, 2011 Toofly91 said:

he tight big cousin put me on this .... glad its sum new tired of hearing the same ole ****
12:53 PM March 31, 2011 AMMOD said:

Nah, daddybradley, I'm from Lonsdale man...Minnesota Ave. I've always like Creekwater.
2:31 PM February 17, 2010 daddybradley said:

no k town aint dude must be from the west side couse the eastside and the Walter P aint feeling ya
3:07 PM February 16, 2010 Guttaque said:

@ cliftonkiner...dude you wouldn't know flow if it ****ted on your face. talkin bout he stealing everybody else are what we consider a hater
11:59 PM February 14, 2010 MikeD71 said:

Bobby Creekwater Is That DUDE!!!!! Keep Pushin' My Nig'
6:05 PM February 12, 2010 GregHunta said:

Is he still on Shady?
10:16 AM February 11, 2010 cliftonkiner said:

this **** generic he biting everybody else flow

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