Young Wine - Mission To Mars (The New Face Of Florida)

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12:02 AM January 30, 2011 chtibi said:

the color of purple is much better
I ****ing hate it when the dj does gay **** in the beginning like in the first couple songs
also use less fake voices
9:26 PM May 11, 2010 steezhead said:

good start
1:12 AM February 24, 2010 dibireppin06 said:

not bad.... not going on the ipod but not bad...
8:03 PM February 17, 2010 jermaineghetto said:

dis **** right hurr iz sum of dat real southern **** gud artist to listen 2 its sumthin different dat i been waitin frm da south!!
6:39 PM February 17, 2010 TrapStarzMusic said:

get on ur hustle go back to da trap and bring it back to me
6:36 PM February 17, 2010 TrapStarzMusic said:

all u gotta do is kill yourself mr. weezy number 1 fan LOL
4:31 PM February 17, 2010 realweezyfan said:

all u need is money to get them fake *** djs u dont have to be good
8:36 AM February 13, 2010 djhotrod813 said:

Dis my youngin' and know this he far from garbage, very underestimated, BUT TRULY respected. When this one drops make sure you ready to ride!!!! per XINA !!! WINE , THEY AIN'T READY!!