Aviaun - 80's Baby S.S.S.

DJs: DJ Ball
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10:52 AM February 1, 2016 Bla3672 said:

This That Real **** Salute To Ay Real Nigga Fam **** All That Hating **** 💯 This Still My ****
8:32 PM December 26, 2012 62 said:

Dis be his cousin b and this **** go hard as **** all uall niggas hatin betta catch up real nigga **** get cha money up pussies.....my nigga slrdy dropped his new **** CATCH UP
9:49 AM August 16, 2012 johnslum413 said:

Avi niggas gone hate they whole life **** crazy
2:08 PM May 23, 2012 quad16 said:

yall ***** *** niggas on this **** man yall lame as **** check out that tom g nigga eastside muder gang all the way live nigga dothan boy!!!

1:03 AM August 3, 2011 Reece85 said:

Nigga Sound like a mix of blood raw and ace hood
8:28 AM October 6, 2010 j_____ said:

my niggas manny aviaun shyted on this mixtape everbody else fall back hustle hard,stright to the top....
8:58 PM July 19, 2010 deleon216 said:

**** go hard...any nigga das hatin can fall da **** back and getcho swagg & money up...me & him finna do a track soon LOOK OUT 4 IT iss DeLeon *****!!!
1:17 PM February 26, 2010 Hunedz said:

mix between 2 pistols and slick pulla not bad thought...he just sound like someone who is already out mixtape is not bad though he can rap and has room to grow like any other mainstream rapper