Rock City - P.T.F.A.O. (Empire Strikes Back)

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4:54 PM August 10, 2016 vitillidie via Mobile:

V.I. massive all day
12:02 AM September 3, 2010 west22 said:

VI in this mudaskunt get with it or run from it!!
11:23 PM April 30, 2010 Lilbuddieofnoloveent said:

stealinq beats -_- it's a mixtape dumbass
10:03 PM April 5, 2010 carosella said:

lol how yall say that cant rap??? fire str8 fire
10:10 PM March 22, 2010 PC_menace334 said:

Dis mixtape go 2 hard. Don't Talk be rippin on evry beat
5:46 PM March 22, 2010 SlimDuncann23 said:

wtf only a 73 rating!!!!!
8:34 PM March 5, 2010 quasi35philly said:

I ****s with Rock City, they hot!!! Did they ever come out with a Album?
2:48 AM March 1, 2010 HomicideDrizzy19 said:

@MCeezy352....yous on crack niqqa....these muh****ers go harder than most of these hot rappers out now especially 'Dont talk Much' nigga.....check yo **** b4 yu comment on nething!!!!!