The 8 Track Series

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8:23 PM December 6, 2011 blackoutgang09 via Mobile:

I fux widd greg street...but not on da mixtape level...stick to radio fam
1:45 PM April 7, 2010 shawnb69 said:

yall dnt get dis? if u wuz frm da A then u wud knw that Greg street have da top 8 countdown..thats da whole motive
7:27 PM March 18, 2010 frenchyxo22 said: dis a strait trash mixtape wit random songs...
2:52 PM March 12, 2010 whoopwhoop said:

**** this sorry *** mixtape
7:36 PM March 4, 2010 bigmike831 said:

these are the songs shade45 plays in between all that eminem and 50 the play all ****in day long.
3:26 PM February 27, 2010 baker12 said:

5:23 PM February 24, 2010 anthonypeek10 said:

I dont get it.... whats the point of this?
12:01 PM February 24, 2010 twista18 said:

question so does this mean yo gotti,gucci,t.i., and whoever talk about trappin fake! -------->psykesconi