SIR - Aviation University

DJs: Unknown
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10:36 PM December 5, 2011 MoorMusic313 said:

Last of a dying breed, they dont make it like this no more. Keep it comin SIR!
10:08 PM May 7, 2011 coolerthanYou213 said:

Hottest thing Ive heard come out of that city...since Lebron lmao
8:50 PM May 7, 2011 Coolbeans91 said:

Did his The Sirreal Life mixtape come out before or after this?
8:15 PM May 7, 2011 AmJohn said:

do haters listen to music or jus skim thru it?? This mixtape is Official!
8:05 PM May 7, 2011 Its_Deb said:

5 Stars! :)
8:52 PM April 1, 2011 SavageSlooky said:

Got that AU In rotation out here on the west coast, Keep it comin Young SIR!!! And Embrace them Haters down below this! Tell em To go Gargle they ****in Mouth Out with Some Buckshots!!! hahahahahahaha
10:20 AM March 30, 2011 YoungMoney434 said:

Yeah the cover look like flight school...but this **** is Dope tho!
11:33 PM March 25, 2011 AtLSweetHeart said:

Idk About the Cover But the music on this Cd is Nice! Crash Course & Waiting Are mY Faav Songs!!! And hes a cutie on that cover :)