Bobby Creekwater - Back 2 Briefcase 2 (The B-Side)

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12:07 PM May 25, 2011 biglo18 said:

3:19 PM April 7, 2010 paul473 said:

3:01 AM April 6, 2010 skrufazzilla said:

i would really luv to make a collabo wit you dawg.
2:57 AM April 6, 2010 skrufazzilla said:

boobyceeck you tha shyt dawg and i also wanna be great **** riches and *****es
4:38 PM March 23, 2010 mileon said:

dsap u crazy that ***** look like a thick robin givens i bet u would beat
11:26 PM March 19, 2010 dsap575 said:

she aint that bad like she aint all that great lookin i bet her *** looks funny in jeans she looks like shes clinching
3:00 PM March 14, 2010 rapman3 said:

**** wit joe jackson mixtape : Ontologik Homage.....normally i dont do this but yall needa hear this ****. lol
6:49 PM March 13, 2010 EATACOCK said:

ooh indy mixtapes are cold shady stand up!!!!!!!!!!

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