Danny Brown - Detroit State Of Mind 4

DJs: Unknown
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4:46 PM October 21, 2013 mr_sda said:

strange music baybay
2:22 PM September 2, 2012 ksmoove01 said:

nigga spit fire
11:42 PM March 20, 2012 Dassance said:

He a strange lookin niggga
7:43 AM January 22, 2012 MichigansGreatest said:

Track 1 is grimmy has hell man A+ Detroit is a crooked place the beat speaks for itself
12:07 PM October 4, 2011 suspence23 said:

this dude is nice. he will get his shine one day
10:49 AM June 9, 2011 MrMan86 said:

detroit stand the **** up....E. Warren in this *****
8:48 PM March 29, 2011 allworld2u said:

What is truly ****ed up about life is; as nice as Danny Brown is he will never get respect across all the US. But lame *** Soldier Boi is on the cover of XXL. Represent good hip hop...somebody!
4:34 PM February 9, 2011 02Eleven said:

The D got some dope *** rappers and producers! Much respect!