Super 7

SUPER 7 is an intense mixtape experience, combining the talent of seven world renown DJ's onto one CD. The tape was brought together by DJ JAYCEEOH (NYC, The Masters) and features sets from STEVE1DER (L.A) , B.CAUSE (S.F. 4OneFunk), MORSE CODE (L.A. Deckstar), PLATURN (Oakland Faders), BENZI (MICH), and DJ ELEVEN (NYC, The RUB). Each DJ contributed a 10 minute mega-mix of straight heat including original remixes, mash-ups, edits, and existing material. The vast knowledge of music and individual style of each DJ crammed into one mix makes this a must have for your collection. This is the first of the SUPER 7 series.
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10:32 AM April 29, 2012 cramz said:

I like number 2. I could listen to the whole song.
10:46 AM March 9, 2012 tyd5388 said:

true essence and originality of hip hop- DJing
9:03 PM January 29, 2012 Donkis said:

This series of mixtapes are MUST HAVE, CLASSICS!!
7:42 AM November 10, 2010 Epx said:

funky remember yeahhhh
8:20 AM September 25, 2010 kj2fly said:

alrite some songs are hot though
3:16 PM March 10, 2010 dellaro said:

@youn6splish Some of the tracks are decent. I would only download select tracks. This was a bad idea for them to put all of these songs on here though. Its too much for one time.
7:06 AM March 10, 2010 youn6splish said:

**** succs