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8:59 PM April 28, 2011 BigChris61193 said:

@ ol' boy hatin on plies so you tellin me niggaz run 26 deep and yo boys aint widd you then you gone stand there and get yo *** beat **** nah ida done the same damn thing
5:38 PM April 26, 2011 daebeezySODMG said:

9:11 PM May 10, 2010 mayhem1983 said:

Bunch of hatin *** niggaz up in this *****!
6:01 PM April 2, 2010 HomesteadFLGoon said:

Homestead, Dade County for life. I was made in Dade *****. Dunk Ryders all day
12:23 PM March 27, 2010 willakafrenchie said:

this is gay, i thought this was gonna have slim dunkin in it. wtf yall niggas swagga jacking now.
2:53 PM March 25, 2010 vanico_t said:

All yall sum *****es
1:46 PM March 17, 2010 lilantmovin said:

jeeeeeeeeezy, i lost respect for that ***** nigga plies, scary *** nigga gon hide in the bathroom in my city lmao
11:01 PM March 16, 2010 StayStuntin said:

Jonfac21 speak for ya damn self, all these niggas wack, Ross and Plies just completely ruined FL credibility. I respect Pitbull more than niggas. Trina go harder than all of 'em!