Rasheeda - Boss Bitch Music

DJs: Unknown
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12:41 AM November 27, 2011 princesskneverson said:

Rasheeda Bittt!
2:21 AM November 11, 2011 mizzgiggles2008 said:

One of the most underrated CDs of all time! Sheeda all day!
6:53 PM September 25, 2011 prettyperfect2010 said:

This **** go hard af. I don't even need to skip any songs on this mixtape.
7:27 PM August 15, 2011 andre1985 said:

This shyt going ham on um...
5:01 PM May 14, 2011 kushroller87 said:

I **** wit rasheeda all day but when it come to nicki she need to sit her fake *** down and go **** somes hoes or somethin really lol
4:08 PM April 15, 2011 7GQueen4 said:

RaSheeDa All Day 6OS 6itch Musik
7:35 PM April 14, 2011 jones87 said:

toya going hard on wayne **** life crazy as hell she taking them fame from him and runnin wit it i fell her dough
7:44 PM March 23, 2011 Dassance said:

And she bad plus plus!!!!!

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