Asher Roth - Seared Foie Gras (With Quince And Cranberry)

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12:07 PM December 21, 2012 Controlled_Chaos said:

that mixtape lookes tasty lol.GREENHOUSE EFFECT 2 PLZZZZ. he kill 10
1:26 AM July 24, 2012 PeytonManning via Mobile:

This is the best Ash tape. I don't dig most of his stuff, but this **** is bomb. I gotta pot thang pot thang pot thang!
3:20 AM February 28, 2012 jaysus said:

this nigga kilt this fvkin shyt kwikly
3:03 PM February 3, 2012 blainereed19 said:

so what if he is going over other peoples beats. what do you think lil waynes no ceilings mixtape was about asher goes in.
4:00 PM March 19, 2011 Purp_Mane said:

this kidd got flow
8:44 PM March 7, 2011 tldatruth said:

is this jus a mixtape of him goin over other rapper's beats?
5:16 PM October 5, 2010 QUINN1593 said:

to me on my list he`s one of my favorites next to french montana, waka flocka, weezy, joell ortiz,and kinda sorta gucci because he puts out one good song and the next one ruins it.
5:12 PM October 5, 2010 QUINN1593 said:

yo ASHER ROTH is one of the last true hip hop people standin in the industry and he just wants to rap and have fun rhymin and hope we like it

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