Charles Hamilton - The Binge Vol 3 (Charles Hamilton's Last Mixtape)

DJs: Unknown
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6:32 PM June 27, 2011 piff978 said:

He needs to stay indie bc theats when artist are at there best. Look at Wiz he was dropping the illest tapes, now I dont even want to give his new **** a chance.
2:25 PM November 7, 2010 SouthernSpitta90 said:

Charles is hard
10:24 PM September 28, 2010 lance1227 said:

thisi **** iz crack
7:19 PM July 12, 2010 woozyboi said:

Dis **** dope but still he needs 2 get out of indy but still luv da freestyles
6:52 PM May 20, 2010 millionaireMarc said:

im late but this **** is stupid!!!!!!! this nigga b rippin
11:37 AM April 20, 2010 AFreeMind91 said:

1 of da realist mixtapes u gonna hear right here *****hhhhhhhhh
11:29 PM April 16, 2010 AxelFWorld said:

this is his last mixtape which means for now on he will have projects with all of his own beats..and ****
11:20 AM April 10, 2010 kingkris said:

dis dude too raw dis aint his last mixtape listen to wat he says in prada bag at 3:10