Wiz Khalifa - Prince Of The City 2

DJs: Unknown
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12:56 AM June 10, 2018 ontra said:

burn one my nigga
6:25 PM January 20, 2016 Marcus3241 via Mobile:

#412 ***** pgh standup
6:21 AM January 12, 2015 LexusL said:

This came when I was in 7th grade. This was first time I heard of this dude. Been a wrap since.
9:29 AM June 3, 2014 realness7 said:

Time just goes by and idk why I stay highhhhhhhhh. #ClassicWiz
3:36 PM January 8, 2014 cass4blaze said:

#16 was the very first Wiz Khalifa song i ever heard, back in 07 before i even knew it was Wiz that rapped it, i just knew that i liked the song haha.
12:05 PM December 26, 2013 twne1tfm said:

back when wiz was smoking blunts...better days
9:19 PM June 21, 2013 amane88 said:

2007 Wiz...Classic
2:23 AM June 15, 2013 DOOBIE21 said:

you can see how better he was getting through his mixtape from old to new. wiz is one of the best artist out here real sht