Ju$tice - My Life Is Good

DJs: Unknown
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3:54 PM April 10, 2010 oolymac said:

hell yea diis da **** boi
4:24 PM April 9, 2010 oshthadon said:

i just sent u a mesage on ur gmial lusant682 get at me
3:28 PM April 9, 2010 lusant682 said:

oshthadon, hit me up on jlsmanagement@gmail.com and I'll get you connected to Ju$tice.
3:04 PM April 9, 2010 oshthadon said:

aye man i was tha one who left that comment about doing this collabo justice please get wit me i see u we can make history.....Fucc diss industry bull**** i know u feel that get at me..asap
12:57 PM April 9, 2010 lusant682 said:

Thank you for all the feedback, both good and bad. This game isn't for the weak minded. I appreciate you all that feel this mixtape to pass it along to those who appreciate hip-hop and a new sound.
4:11 PM April 8, 2010 Louisianimal504 said:

real hip hop. handz down.
3:02 PM April 5, 2010 KalmandKoolie said:

Damn this a whiteboy? ... he sound more HipHop than most niggaz thats rappin today!
9:51 PM April 3, 2010 LuckElucciano said:

raw *** mixtape niguh came strong wit this one