The Changemakers

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1:41 PM April 8, 2010 bhavani said:

It's only about 3 songs that I like on here, with that said this mixtape isn't good. I give it a 2 out of 10
1:53 PM April 5, 2010 harston24 said:

dis mixtape go hard
12:27 AM April 5, 2010 sgamer said:

man and props @handsum85 that dude picked the tight cuts off of this tape
12:21 AM April 5, 2010 sgamer said:

i love this site, i can get some bangin trunk tunes, and some club ****, and some slow ****, and just sew up my cd changer with a full variety of songs
9:58 PM April 4, 2010 burke said:

oncue and chugga chanes takin ova *****s
6:59 PM April 4, 2010 silentshox said:

aye that club love **** kinda bangin...this mixtape aight
1:53 PM April 4, 2010 CHIEFtheREEFER said:

12:44 PM April 4, 2010 flossbee said:

Don't really know whats up with all the negativity. This an aiight mixtape.