The Roots Dilla Joints

DJs: Unknown
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3:28 PM September 8, 2012 darius215attorney said:

Greatness...chill music like this isn't made anymore. R.I.P Dilla
3:05 AM October 3, 2011 crunkpopeye said:

so chill
5:52 PM September 14, 2010 E_Down said:

R.I.P. Dilla damn everything I hear from this dude is sickness he left way too soon
10:47 AM July 2, 2010 crunkpopeye said:

**** goes ****ing hard. **** whoever said kush and oj is wack u **** sucking mother****er
4:59 PM June 28, 2010 goldengoose89 said:

sigh....a breath of fresh air!!!
2:15 AM May 31, 2010 jchustler12 said:

great tape, def better than that whack *** kush and orange juice tape from wiz. wish this would have 3000+ likes
2:01 AM May 15, 2010 IMKING said:

Hell YEa....... i can VIBE to this... this is that late night riding music right here....
1:16 AM May 14, 2010 foshort said:

very chill... and dejaybigboy10 **** you, all the music that you listen to now wouldn't be there if it weren't for the roots. KNOW YOUR ROOTS!