Wes Fif - It Aint Hard To Tell

5.18.2010! Spotted at MixFeed

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9:08 AM February 4, 2011 KushNGrapeCigz said:

RossThaboss, u stupid dawg he from Florida
8:50 PM October 4, 2010 Fokuhs said:

Damn Wes Fif Came A Long Way My Nigga, I Rememba Doin' A Song Wit Cuzz Bacc In Tha Day. Keep Ya Hustle Up My Nigga Tha Top Is Closin' In, SALUTE
7:17 PM August 5, 2010 WestCoast_305 said:

he aint from da west bruh he from orlando
2:13 AM July 30, 2010 yungdoughboy89 said:

niggas been sleepin on wes fif he brought dat fire dis time WAKE UP
7:26 PM June 12, 2010 gutta2hot said:

he aint no westccoasst this nigga straight south
3:08 PM May 26, 2010 igotdapurp said:

dis **** fire
2:46 PM May 24, 2010 WFTV said:

What's good everybody!! We appreciate all the love and the hate just the same!!! Log on to www.wesfif.com to DL if u havent DL'd from here. Spread the word. The future is now!!
9:34 AM May 24, 2010 RossThaboss said:

finally a west coast nigga i could relate 2 . He damn near sound like me .So i gotta give it 2 him its going pretty hard.