C-Bo - West Coast Mafia Music

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10:22 PM April 29, 2013 chopscook85 said:

4:14 PM December 28, 2012 pooloc said:

cowboy. yeah im downlaoding this im late
5:16 PM November 8, 2012 jnevarez82 said:

Vyso song is real tight **** ben listing to him since 90's c-bo real **** he is sac town
5:03 PM June 3, 2012 rkampstra said:

u niggaz talkin **** about c-bo are all a bunch of dumb****s.. C-bo was 2pac and pimp c's favorite rapper...
10:34 PM June 28, 2011 FreshPrince_305 said:

Damn cuhh!!!!!!! C-Bo did dat **** again, nigga alwayz killin da trackz he be hoppin on, already know broward county feelin this shiit, nd stay flagged up in all blue hangin low on da left side. C's^
2:24 PM February 13, 2011 Weapon_X said:

C-bo's a legend. Still as good if not better than his awol days. Yukmouth is really underrated dude kills every track he's on.
3:01 AM November 12, 2010 BrothaBoneEazyDoomedOutNigga said:

Man when he and brotha made blocc movment that **** was hella sick
2:35 PM October 31, 2010 nellynel707 said:

c bo u hella weak shoulda stayed in da bay my nigga (smfh) to bad my sac nigga