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9:53 PM October 27, 2011 Young_Tear_137 said:

Damn, I $upa Late, But Trump Iz Dat Nigga!!! $u Woop To Dat 'Ru Gang!!!
5:47 PM March 7, 2011 young100 said:

Im late get on **** wut it do trump still **** wit Sub 0
7:13 PM December 12, 2010 heemie02 said:

These niggas be fraudin, ain't nothin wrong wit a nigga ridin public transportation but when you flauntin other nigga's cash and cars on camera, ridin septa ain't a good look. Come on son
5:43 PM July 18, 2010 mattdahat87 said:

****s tight!
6:35 PM June 16, 2010 zdatruth said:

I ****s Wit This (AzeezCampbell)
3:08 PM June 7, 2010 jbp23 said:

this nigga got a 8..........ahahahahahahahahaaha
3:24 PM May 15, 2010 loco4cakes said:

he need do some more **** wit iyflied castro
10:10 AM April 21, 2010 bomberz15 said:

rapperjaz is right niggaz should b posted on home so *****s can stop leavn dumb *** commentz