Brisco - OG Kush (4-20 Edition)

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3:18 AM December 31, 2013 FloridaGoon813 said:

2:39 AM May 3, 2012 8134lyfe via Mobile:

I fcks witcha brisco
7:47 PM April 22, 2012 Toofly91 said:

Why yall hating? ...Waka? Gucci? wtf i rather yall say 2chains den them niggas..them niggas still got that watered down *** flow its 2012 *** on
4:27 AM December 17, 2011 skoobv said:

This **** trash
2:57 PM December 7, 2011 redeyz0805 said:

**** em all...bloods bangin on bloods...crips bangin on crips...its all music and nothing more...florida boy on my chest doe so i fux wit brisco...dhat!
9:50 AM November 6, 2011 Breboysyc said:

Y'all nigga drinkn that haterade!!! FLA nigga!!!
5:24 PM June 11, 2011 bjizzle1990 said:

i can see why gucci has beef wit ths nigga brisco is so wacky drop him quick wayne bricksquad is killin young money now
8:14 PM May 23, 2011 Highasfuck420allday said:

this dude aint even good he made me not want to smoke og kush when i heard this