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Papoose - Papoose Season

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Uploaded 04/23/2010
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Hosted by; DJ Kay Slay, DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Self, DJ NU, DJ Drama, DJ Robby Rob, DJ Juanito, DJ Cocoa Chanelle, Jenny Boom Boom, Sasha Victoria, DJ Camilo & DJ Envy!

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3:48 AM May 5, 2011 maeliki said:

waka is weak as is everyone from florida except for rick ross and ace hood.....waka probably paid pap to be on that track.lil wayne did a song with eveyone
1:22 PM April 28, 2011 frenchmontanas said:

why is flocka on this tape WEAK rapper can't **** with pap
9:53 PM January 20, 2011 TheCityIsMine said:

this came out before shawty lo's mixtape 3indo
11:46 PM January 2, 2011 Ragz570 said:

Yo marriot commercial Is real talk homies Yo518 all day Homies
7:03 PM November 13, 2010 3indo said:

they copied shawty lo's cover but still thmbs up 5stars
7:10 PM November 5, 2010 ramswo85 said:

That marriot commercial goes hard, ****s deep son.
1:37 AM August 28, 2010 dboy224592 said:

this is the ****t
2:55 AM July 30, 2010 reedphillie said:

papoose a fuccxn monster