Esso - The Anti-Socialite

DJs: Unknown
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6:26 PM June 29, 2011 1homeboy said:

this nigga is raw
6:03 PM May 10, 2010 Natc601 said:

Hey mane...This guy got it going. Very nice concept. Something Different.... We need more Hip Hop in the industry. Esso Looks like that.
1:53 PM May 9, 2010 Incite88 said:

This tape is ridiculous...Esso is a problem. Flow is mad nice and verses are nicely put together. Plus the beats are nuts, especially that track the breakdown
9:07 AM May 8, 2010 grasstiklesmybalsslol said:

damn breakdown goes hard
8:33 AM May 8, 2010 grasstiklesmybalsslol said:

damn i ment to ad one it should be 3 esso
6:30 PM May 7, 2010 pusha21 said:

Hell ya bout time esso!!
3:52 PM May 7, 2010 DC_Mellow said:

That nigga Esso