Young Robbo - My Money Dont Fold

DJs: DJ Scream

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DJ Scream Young Robbo My Money Dont Fold Back Cover

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9:37 PM July 27, 2011 ebrown111 said:

this nigga corny
9:55 PM June 21, 2011 chaszdoll said:

Robbo Real Nigga ****!!!! $$$$$$
2:43 PM January 24, 2011 Nookdaddy said:

niggas still not showin love 2 da city
1:03 PM December 31, 2010 jfan82 said:

young robbo the **** biiitch
5:05 PM December 6, 2010 Nookdaddy said:

if you from da mil and you do not have this cd you just a punk *****. show tha city some love.tha cheddar dvd vol 12 was all gud.
12:02 PM November 9, 2010 jbeamon10 said:

hell naw bro putting on for the mil check out the cheddar dvd vol 12 and y'all let me know what's good
12:50 PM October 28, 2010 Nookdaddy said:

east all day my nigga.
2:50 PM October 24, 2010 naptownlord317 said:

Check out Baggz on Facebook. Nigga clownin fo real. And he has a new drop coming in two weeks! Waitin to hear his newest!