Freekey Zekey - Gangsta's Ambition

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8:54 PM February 23, 2012 lexacon via Mobile:

Dis **** was so slept on....S/O my nigga Zeke white boy wasted
8:06 PM November 19, 2011 fatherg420 said:

this nigga is hot in his own way..hes not for everyone..u gotta be a really real nigga to get this nigga and probably have tri state splash
1:24 AM June 11, 2010 7eboi said:

2:52 PM June 9, 2010 youngryian said:

Real Diplomat **** Nigga Zekey was a mutha****in kingpin!
6:03 PM June 7, 2010 boosnoop said:

dis nigga wack
10:23 PM June 1, 2010 dsmith8732 said:

How is 1 nigga gone tell anotha nigga what he do in tha streets **** ridin fagot and stop hatin on tha south u ****n lames if u cant rap den u cant ****n rap
1:24 AM May 27, 2010 poot said:

ny got da best rappers so what's georgablood sayin, he knows nothin about rap, his favorite rapper is probably gucci, gucci's ill but he cant rap
6:36 AM May 26, 2010 jahimari said:

all these cats taln **** bout zek but none of yall harder then he is on the street yall better get the story of this nigga life and holla back fag *** south niggas always popn ****