M.I.G - From The Ground Up

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1:23 PM January 6, 2011 blackboydakid said:

Jock M.I.G Migraine is from Crimemob he is not a child molester thts Killa C do ya research....n download "Small Circle No Squares" hosted by Dj Esudd
4:30 AM October 18, 2010 spooh13 said:

this mixtape is DOPE MIG cant wait to hear more of your material...your gonna set the game in flames!!!
8:01 PM May 29, 2010 badd315 said:

i like this **** ,yo if u need beatz hit da zombeez up zombeegang@gmail.com
8:04 PM May 28, 2010 el_duro said:

numba 3 go hard!
4:59 PM May 28, 2010 MRIGOTIT said:

IF U SUPPORTIN IT INSTEAD OF HATIN GOTO: [www.youtube.com/iammrigotit] [twitter.com/80_MIG]
11:18 PM May 27, 2010 MarktheRed187 said:

Aint that the child molester from crime mob?
9:49 AM May 25, 2010 RossThaboss said:

O.K you do that but be prepared 4 a bad *** headache. Go ahead & enjoy.
1:53 PM May 24, 2010 oshthadon said: