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T.K. -N- Ca$h - Twerk Tape

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Score: 81
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Uploaded 05/29/2010
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2:27 PM April 6, 2012 0neSh0tk1ll said:

Lol weak *** Tk xD I remember dis bytch tried to fight me n couldn't throw a punch lil **** *** nigga
3:10 PM November 10, 2011 6cedric said:

TK N Cash-G-ShockMusic coming soon
12:58 AM August 6, 2011 Gucci_Mane_ said:

augusta GA stand up
9:02 PM July 19, 2011 shawnswiper said:

Man they stole that rush beat from my bro Oreo.!! Smh Its kool tho D.F.G. got the official #certified
10:57 PM April 17, 2011 sfgsg said:

8:13 PM December 1, 2010 mookie4cakes said:

i had a crush on tk since 4eva so.....i'll promote them anyday
6:22 AM October 29, 2010 dc11193 said:

Aug all day Woodvalley Blythe and Hephzibah!!!!!! Goin in Hephzibah High c/o11
10:23 PM October 9, 2010 6cedric said:

This mixtape is hot Luda made a smart move signing them they way better than Soulja Boy lookout for their next mixtape G-Shock Music coming soon.