Raekwon - Cocainism 2

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4:35 PM October 23, 2010 penman77 said:

Rae seems to be the hardest working emcee in the World right now
10:03 PM July 3, 2010 cbreezy973 said:

true hip hop! ppl need to get there own style instead of trying to be like everyone else!
12:33 PM July 1, 2010 crunkpopeye said:

lizz go hard
6:27 PM June 19, 2010 marthrilla said:

rae that **** go hard my nigga
7:46 PM June 7, 2010 ACE7414 said:

Wu-Tang forever
12:07 PM June 5, 2010 2raw2hard said:

dat nigga sheist, yea i kno dat nigga, he a *****, ya dad shoulda kept u in the condom or in ya moms mouth
12:00 PM June 5, 2010 2raw2hard said:

hip hop music at its purest form
5:43 PM June 4, 2010 youg56 said:

i love ny rap but i could never sit down listen to dis nigga but now i can dis is real food4thought shoutout to the chef owww dis isnt dat ADD music pop a stupid pill2 its dat chill n listen *****