Memphis Bleek - The Return...

DJs: DJ Scream

Tonight June 29th at 6PM! Spotted at MixFeed

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DJ Scream Memphis Bleek The Return Back Cover

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6:17 PM September 29, 2012 Tomar29Tomar said:

peace to my nigga memph in my life was ah classic hit on the undestandin live n newyork city is ah hit shout out to jayz n the roc movement
10:01 PM January 6, 2012 MellieonMillion said:

**** all you hater son in the game still and don't got do **** MARCY STAND UP
4:42 PM November 27, 2011 Nayhetti2 said:

dude get a job at walmart
11:39 AM July 21, 2011 joejoedawhale said:

who knows the name of the song that starts at 1:40 on the video
10:46 PM November 25, 2010 pompanoslim said:

**** memphis weak he got a high score because he from back in the day nigga give it up
9:01 PM November 9, 2010 jmac292010 said:

he got 2 songs on here thats tight!
12:52 AM November 8, 2010 hiphopsnobbaf said:

Is he still wit the roc/roc nation??? Terrible.
8:11 PM October 2, 2010 diggs215 said:

these suckas that write these comments are emotional