Young Smurf - Young & Restless (Da Mixtape)

DJs: Unknown
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11:04 PM March 24, 2011 jmac292010 said:

who stupid him or yo ***....check that nigga spelling!!! @parliament718
11:49 PM February 24, 2011 8beezyCfm said:

i ****s wit Smurf,I Can Vouch for bruh..He ah Real fav is Cant See ME
8:59 AM February 20, 2011 050thugz said:

I Think Dis Good ****!
7:20 AM July 16, 2010 cwestry said:

bruh straight he aint bad.he got flow a lil just
8:00 PM July 7, 2010 parliament718 said:

dis niqqa fake and hella stupit, on numba five he even called him self stupit! haha. his voice sound lyk wayne
1:56 PM July 7, 2010 robhoodrepublic said:

a lil lilwaynish.....but the nigga go hard. listened to the Rick Flaire Joint Twice!!!!!!!
7:21 PM July 4, 2010 YTrill12 said:

Southside Shxt
1:35 AM July 3, 2010 yungpundent said: