Lil Loco - The Yella Tape (The Murda Scene) (Hosted By DJ Paul)

DJs: Unknown
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12:42 AM March 4, 2015 Fire_Thief said:

Naw, Lil Loco is now Locodunit. He is DJ Paul's newphew. Lil Infamous is Lord Infamous' son! These 2 got a group called So6ix. Amazing
5:42 PM October 17, 2014 24caleballen said:

He's lord infamous son now he is locodunnit
7:59 PM January 22, 2013 andweed said:

maan i miss dis niggas lord infamous n koopsta knicca... legends... **** bringme to da ol days
10:11 PM July 11, 2012 Keyon1987 via Mobile:

This **** pretty tight bring back that old triple six sound
3:16 AM December 26, 2011 6muzkihouse said:

11:01 PM October 29, 2011 Ayo_There_Go_E said:

this hard!
12:21 AM September 25, 2011 DessyBDaMan said:

Deadly Stang my type of shyt
7:53 PM September 21, 2011 jamelleroane said:

I swear Lil Loco and J-Green like the new generation Dj Paul and Juicy J... Memphis underground 4ever!