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Donnis - The Invitation

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Score: 178
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Uploaded 06/08/2010
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1:19 PM December 12, 2010 JavonteKing said:

This guy is good he just need more developing as an artist. He wasn't ready for the I'm beaming beat though
4:44 PM September 25, 2010 yungwag said:

If you dont like donnis yo hatin *** prolly like soulja boy..This **** hot it should deff at least have a 4 or 500
4:54 AM August 15, 2010 kaboosie said:

sigh..he made me ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz
1:44 AM August 8, 2010 45gucci said:

this nigga donnis go hard i **** with dat song gone
12:31 PM August 5, 2010 LP24 said:

WTF are ya'll talk'n about??!!...Dhis nigga suck madd ****!...His rhyme scheme so damn childish & simple...You can tell he cant freestyle cause he kept stop'n in the middle of the beats!!
6:38 PM July 26, 2010 yungwag said:

Donnis is RAW niggas is sleepin he killed that im beaming and ripped everything else to
7:51 PM July 22, 2010 zody06 said:

he str8 def got poetential. but bruh went in on aquemini. paid real homage. fux wit dude.
1:06 PM June 29, 2010 Dan7 said:

killed dat lemonade